An Empty Studio

An empty studio.

Now that things are getting back to normal, I thought it would be a good time to have a break from the studio and a well earned rest. I’m using the time to totally empty the studio, clean it and plan the next 2 years.

The pandemic has left me financially battered so I need to use the next couple of years to build up a quality body of work and earn enough money to fund the next set of major exhibitions.

I plan to work in the studio on the projects I’ve currently got on the go. It’s very unlikely that there will be a large exhibition in the next 2 years. There is a chance of a small exhibition, but I haven’t got anything planned at the moment.

Unfortunately, the Jurassic Coast art project is unlikely to continue. I’ve really enjoyed working on it but it’s financially impossible for me to continue. It’s a great disappointment not being able to finish the last section of coastline but I’m hopeful that I’ll return to it in the future.

The project Pilgrimage, a portrait of HCPT is continuing but on a slightly smaller scale. I’m going to continue building up a collection of portraits and landscapes that will eventually be part of a major touring exhibition. There’s no doubt, HCPT’s engagement during the pandemic has kept me going in the most difficult times in the studio. I’m really excited about this project.

I’m also working on a small project painting a collection of sunrise paintings. They’re all of the same beach in Devon from photographs taken by my friend, Fr Paul Cummings. This is turning into a really beautiful and moving little project.

Most of the larger paintings have gone into storage because I haven’t got room to paint them in the studio. Hopefully, I’ll be able to return to them one day.

I’ve got some big plans for the future and I’m really excited about what lies ahead. The isolation of the pandemic has improved my painting skills and I know that the next year will be a very productive one.